I’m an art therapist, workshop facilitator, and coach who helps individuals and organizations ignite their creativity for learning, growth, and change.

I studied psychology and earned my Master’s in Art Therapy, learning how to help people use their creativity to deeply understand themselves, expand their comfort zone, and thrive.

I spent 5 years in the business world as a marketing strategist and researcher, where I earned the nickname “the difficult client whisperer.”

Today, I merge those diverse threads to help individual and corporate clients develop their innovative, creative side, approach obstacles with creativity, curiosity, and grit, and learn to better manage stress (and even use it as a driving force rather than a destructive one).

I’ve brought my creative, experiential workshops to top law firms, including Goodmans and Cassels Brock, marketing firms, and community organizations. I also run weekly Art Therapy groups for patients and families at Sunnybrook’s Odette Cancer Centre.