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As an Art Therapist in Toronto, I help people re-ignite their creativity and lead a more engaged and meaningful life. Anyone can benefit and the goal is not to become an artist – it’s creativity in service of well-being and growth.


In my workshops in Toronto, I guide people through creative exploration of a topic related to personal growth – including managing stress, perfectionism, and mindfulness.


I also work with people in individual therapy. By integrating the creative process and talk therapy, clients can develop insight into problems, find deeper self-understanding, and see new ways forward.



What can you gain by re-igniting your creative impulse?

  • CONNECTION: Creating something connects you to your inner self, allowing you to explore thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
  • FOCUS: In our chronically distracted age, it gives you a chance to focus on one thing and to lose yourself in an engaged and playful state.
  • PLAY: It fosters an attitude of experimentation and learning from whatever emerges


Don’t see yourself as creative?

Creativity is something we’re all born with and yet few dare to call ourselves “creative”.

Most people think creativity is about making things with your hands. Which is true, but not the whole story.

Creativity is also (if not more so) about how we think.


It’s about:

  • Looking at problems, and our tools for solving them, differently.
  • Seeing the everyday and taken-for-granted with fresh eyes.
  • Searching for multiple possibilities when only one is obvious.
  • Asking more, different, and better questions.
  • Challenging standard ways of thinking and doing.




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