Helping you embrace your whole, imperfect (human!) self

Paint on hands

The creative process is a perfect metaphor for life: 

It’s messy and unpredictable.

It’s fun and joyful, full of wonder and discovery.

At times, it's frustrating, painful, and dark.

It's because of these similarities that the creative process hold potential for growth and change. 

It holds a mirror up, allowing us to learn more about ourselves and how we deal with challenges, and gives us an opportunity to practice new ways of being with ourselves and our emotions.


Art Therapy can help you: 

  • Tap into your creativity as a source of insight. Learn to use this tool you already have as a way of gaining clarity about your desires. 

  • See your current situation from a new perspective. The art created in therapy can bring unexamined aspects of a situation to the surface, so we can look at them together and help you gain a fuller understanding. 

  • Experience the joy, beauty, and power of your self-expression. And the salve of being seen and known through that expression. 

“I came to Or to focus on the struggle I feel in finding the right career. I always looked at it from a practical perspective, but it was all the emotional stuff that became the focus of our sessions. I was able to identify a lot of the underlying reasons behind my previous decisions and understand why I felt stuck. These were the things I wasn’t able to ‘get to’ on my own. Working on the art during our sessions played such a big role in recognizing and understanding my perspective and (quickly) getting to the deeper layers.” 

We may be a good fit if you are: 

  • Creative or artistic, even if you feel a bit disconnected from that side of you 

  • Naturally introspective. You reflect on your inner experience and seek deeper understanding of who you are and what drives you 

  • You have a tendency to be hard on yourself when you’re not living up to your own (high) expectations 
  • Not quite where you want to be right now. You know you’re meant to do something beautiful and meaningful with your life, but you aren’t sure exactly what that is or how to get there


If this sounds like you, I’d love to connect. Set up a free 30-minute call to get to know each other and see if working together could be a good fit.